Lawn Be Gone!

This landscape has gone through a major transformation. It was once a sterile, monoculture lawnscape, with low diversity and heavy maintenance needs.  Those were the days… Loud obnoxious lawnmowers, painstakingly pulling dandelions, paying exorbitant water bills to keep it green.  NO MORE!  It is now a naturalized landscape offering biodiversity, native drought tolerant vegetation, and an improved aesthetic appeal.  Circulation is enhanced with flagstone pathways.  A bench for a place to greet the neighbors as they comment on the hummingbird drinking nectar from the Red-flowering Currant or the honey bees buzzing in the Ceonothus or the fragrant smell of the rosemary blossoms, or maybe it is just a place to sit and relax because you don’t need to mow the lawn any more.
Sod In Truck


Contact LandArc Landscaping & Design for your next remodel because we take your old lawn for a ride to make space for a more eco-friendly solution for your landscape.



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